Angel Island-Main Mess Hall

Fort McDowell on the east side of Angel Island processed thousands of soldiers in World War I and World War II. This historic fort served as a crossroads for soldiers coming and going from the Pacific Theater. One of the buildings still standing was perhaps the largest mess hall in the Army at the time. It could serve 1,400 men at once. Known as the Main Mess Hall, this building is in disrepair and is uninhabitable. The structure is boarded up and has a fence surrounding it, as well as signs stating its condemned state. Unfortunately there are no plans to restore it to its former glory. Because it is as old as it is and due to not receiving the attention it deserves – over the years it has succumbed to the elements and is ultimately falling in on itself. For this project I have chosen to photograph this building in its current state. Most people will never be able to enjoy this structure but will only be able to see it through my images. I like the thought of these images being a way to honor history and produce a permanent memory of a place that will never be the same. Through my photographs I stop time, help create a memory and help preserve this special place.